Your First Set of Gear

What you need to know, from head to toe,
to get the gear that's right for you.

By the editors of Scuba Diving

Buying gear is the final step, the act that says "I'm committed to really enjoying diving." But you're not certified yet, how are you supposed to know what to buy?

Relax. Between our advice and your instructor's help, we'll have you outfitted in no time. It's helpful to think of buying gear in two phases: first, the basic stuff you need for class; second, the major pieces of life support—regulator, BC and dive computer—that you're allowed to purchase once you've got a C-card. Let's start with the basics.

Phase One: The Basics




Exposure Protection Suits

Phase Two: Life-Support Equipment

Once you're a newly minted diver, the anxiety you had about buying gear will likely be replaced with a rush of excitement—a desire to max out the plastic or convert the Roth IRA into a heap of the latest and greatest in scuba gear.

Fine. Having your own gear is essential to fully enjoy this sport and to maximize your comfort and safety. Just remember that your experience with equipment is limited. You've got to study the field and understand what you want—and need—out of each piece of gear.

Buoyancy Compensators


Dive Computers

Other Helpful Gear Information

DiveSpeak--Gear- Learn to talk the talk.

Where to Buy Gear, Gear Buying Tips & Cost Estimates

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