38 Insider Tips

Secrets from the pros to help you dive like Cousteau from the get-go.

By the editors of Scuba Diving

As far as your diving career is concerned, your certification class is just the beginning, an introduction to the basic skills—an invitation to the party. Like any physical skill that involves complex equipment, diving requires constant learning and refinement. The good news is that diving also provides both. Every time you pull your fins on and dip beneath the waves, you'll learn something new.

We've compiled a primer of insider's tips to get you started in your post-graduate education, covering some of the topics of most interest to beginning divers: how to use less air, how to equalize easily, how to get the most out of your fins, and more.

How to Use Less Air | How to Fin Like a Fish
How to Get Neutral | The Ultimate Buoyancy Check
How to Ascend Safely | How to Swim Efficiently on the Surface
Equalize With Ease