The 14 Best Dive Destinations for New Divers

By Nick Lucey

You don't ascend Everest on your first mountain climb. You don't race the Tour de France on a tricycle. But unlike other sports, scuba diving allows you to visit some of the underwater wonders of the world on your first outing. Deciding where to go, however, can be a little overwhelming to the neophyte. The names may sound foreign because many of them are: Kralendijk and Kwajalein, Bimini and Babeldaop. That's why we've sorted through obscure locations and advanced destinations to compile this list of the 14 best places for new divers to get their fins wet.

The Cayman Islands
Wild Walls, Mild Seas

U.S. Virgin Islands
Three Saints and a Dive Boat

The Bahamas
So Many Islands, So Little Time

Florida Keys
A Tropical Diving Road Trip

Diving's a Shore Thing

British Virgin Islands
Divers' Little Secret

Catalina Island, California
Tune In To This Channel

Bay Islands, Honduras
A Central American Adventure

Book It, Danno

Get Wrecked

Cozumel, Mexico
Have a Current Affair

Turks & Caicos
Double Your Pleasure

Best of Both Worlds

Great Barrier Reef
Bigger Is Better

Reader Rater Program
You Better Shop Around